The Path to Knowledge


The King Solomon Academy’s After School Program is a program designed for Jewish middle and high school students who are interested in furthering their Jewish knowledge.

The program meets for one hour a day from Monday to Thursday from 3:30PM to 4:30PM (EST)

Starting september 1st, 2020

In this video course, Rabbi David Samson gives 32 priceless lessons that were specially designed for Bar Mitzvah boys.
Rabbi Samson will provide an overview of the 613 mitzvot. These mitzvot run the gamut from kashrut (Jewish dietary laws), to Shabbat, as well as putting on tefillin for morning prayers.

Included for after school participants!



Bat Mitzvah students will be taught a fascinating, thought-provoking course on the “Woman of Valor,” or Eshet Chayil in the form of 22 lessons given by Dr. Lisa Fredman. Personal sessions with a rabbi are available as a potential supplement.

Included for after school participants!

Available September 1st

Our certified Life Coaches can help you and your children identify their goals and come up with actionable plans to help you achieve them



Enroll in a variety of expertly-taught online courses that engage in topics ranging from the secrets of the Kabbalah to a deep study of Maimonides’s (Rambam’s) teachings.

Included for After School program participants!

Available September 1st

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The Academy

The King Solomon Academy is a Religious-Zionist, Jewish institution designed to supplement Jewish education and is designed for Jewish middle and high schoolers. The academy’s umbrella of interactive, online programs includes our After School Program, Bar Mitzvah Program, Bat Mitzvah Program, “Taste of Kabbalah” series, as well as our Rambam ethics course. Additionally, participants will be able to access our trained life coaching staff, helping your child self-actualize and realize their goals. The King Solomon Academy’s all-star faculty includes experts who live in Israel. They will be able to provide their students with individualized, personal attention that will allow you to learn at your own pace, in your own style.

The program’s mission is to expand Jewish education in online venues. Our program’s goals are to uphold a high scholastic standard of learning and teaching, promote a love of torah learning, develop the character of our students, and to instill a love of Israel in our students.

Advance your child’s personal growth in a social learning environment