Bat Mitzvah Program

The Bat Mitzvah program will provide relevant, growth-oriented instruction to young women studying for their upcoming Bat Mitzvahs. The program’s lessons are derived from Eshet Chayil, a section of the Jewish book of Mishlei (Proverbs) written by King Solomon. Every Friday night, Eshet Chayil is sung prior to making Kiddush over Shabbat dinner as a means of honoring the women in our lives. 

The course is broken down into 22 lessons, with each lesson representing one line from the passage. Dr. Lisa Fredman, a world renowned expert on the book of Mishlei, will be teaching the course. Through studying this deep, spiritual passage, we will illuminate the Jewish perspective on womanhood, while providing excellent learning material for mothers and daughters to study together. Once purchased, the course can be viewed at any time within one year at your own convenience. Personal sessions with a Rabbi are available.

Any participant in the after school program will gain free access to the Bat Mitzvah Program.

Tuition: $180

Watch the first lesson for free!

Registration will open September 1st!

Availble Soon!